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About us is a nationwide network, providing services in the Internet, defined in English as Internet Service Provider. The network was established in reply to unusually rapidly developing Internet market in Poland. Our head office is located in Wrocław, but thanks to nationwide distributor network we render our services to companies and institutions in the whole country.

The city backbone of the network is connected by fiber optic (10 Gb/s Ethernet) or by microwave radio link, operating in the licensed frequency range 38-39 GHz with the speed up to 450 Mb/s. The whole is maintained by network devices Hewlett Packard, Cisco, Ericsson and SAF Technika. The network is connected to the Internet in two independent points by lines of the speed 1 Gb/s (1 Gigabit Ethernet line) each to three independent telecommunications operators. The network of business Internet access points in Wrocław causes that almost every point in the city is in its range. The most distant points are connected from the heat and power plant chimney (EC), where we also have a business data exchange point.


In our offer we have a big variety of IT services. We manage a comprehensive company service in the scope of computers and the Internet. We offer you computer sets, starting from simple computer models, up to sets equipped in the newest technology elements of renowned companies, Internet services in maintenance of e-mail, WWW, FTP, shell accounts, and secure websites based on SSL protocol (data transmitted via such websites are practically impossible to preview by third parties), protection, server management - data communications networks, creating professional WWW and WAP pages, being a sensational showpiece of Your company.

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