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Domain hoteling

Own domain in the Internet is a significant element of company's marketing strategy. Owning it contributes to perceiving the company by the clients as "Being on time". Unfortunately, not everybody has technical possibilities to keep own domain. Fortunately, domain operation is not conditional upon the server location.

Trying to satisfy the needs of clients, wishing to have own domain at the same time not taking care of technical aspects of its maintenance we offer a service called domain hoteling. It consists in delegating (definition of servicing servers) the domain on the computers of the network. It relieves the client an at the same time it does not decrease flexibility, because changes done in once configured domain are rare.

Handling from NASK (for .pl and Year Two years
in own capacity 20 PLN 30 PLN
by network 50 PLN 75 PLN

The price includes single configuration conforming the client's needs, each change in configuration makes the cost of 15 PLN.

The whole registration procedure or changing delegation of already registered domain can be commissioned to the network. The only thing to do (in the case of domains .pl, is to fill in the authorization to the Research and Academic Computer Network (NASK) and order for provision of services in the network and send both documents by fax at number 71 78 56 000 or in electronic format at the address