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Generacja Set I

A company using Internet is considered as modern, going with the spirit of the times, set at using modern techniques, with dynamic approach to market. The Internet is used by active people, looking for news and valuing their time. The network prepared part of its offer exactly for those, who start their adventure with the Internet. Generacja Set I is ideal for people who want to come into being in the network. This is a proposal for a good start, for relatively little money.

NOTE: For each account access to Account Management System*

Generacja Set I - for a good start


Place for websites in client's domain with the limit of 100 MB (parameters)


In the set 2 e-mail accounts with the limit of 100 MB each (parameters)

Extras (included in price)

  • the access to the Account Management System*
  • access to built-in Internet shop (Standard version)
  • access to relational database SQL (MySQL)
  • set of basic scripts and programs CGI (counter, guest book, subscription)
  • unlimited number of aliases (for e-mail accounts)
  • unlimited number of "ghost" accounts with right control for all accounts
  • antivirus filter updated every 2 hours
Extras (payable)
  • Internet shop access (unlimited version) - 150 PLN/quarterly
  • interface activated under MS Win for Internet shop handling - 100 PLN/month
  • advanced visiting ratings of the website with extra charge 100 PLN a year
  • set of 4 e-mail accounts with extra charge 100 PLN a year
  • PostgreSQL relational database access - 100 PLN a year

subscription net price price / m discount in %** saving** installation  
quarterly 69,00 PLN 23,00 PLN 0 % 0 PLN 49,00 PLN order
yearly 249,00 PLN 20,75 PLN 9,8 % 27+49(inst)=76,00 PLN 0,00 PLN order
two-year 440,00 PLN 18,3 PLN 20,4 % 112+49(inst)=161,00 PLN 0,00 PLN order
five-year 880,00 PLN 14,66 PLN 36,2 % 500+49(inst)=549,00 PLN !!! 0,00 PLN order

*) Account Management System - enables the configuration of almost all parameters of bought e-mail accounts, WWW, SQL, banner exchange system and other

**) With respect to quarterly subscription

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